Review of “Coma” (English dub)

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Coma is a Russian science fiction film about a world built from the memories of people in comas. An architect wakes up in this bizarre world, only to be attacked by a mysterious being known as a reaper. He is saved by a squad of survivors who take him to safety. There he learns that everyone, like him, has no memory of their prior life. He soon learns that his arrival is more than an accident.

With unbridled imagination, great effects, and solid acting, this film looks like a Hollywood blockbuster, though it was made for a fraction of the cost. It’s reminiscent of the Matrix, Inception, Tron, and Sword Art Online, but is its own unique thing. In terms of originality, I’d give it four stars. If it had been given the budget of Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, I wonder what the filmmaker could have done.

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2 Responses to Review of “Coma” (English dub)

  1. Russians have been making good movies–especially compared to the Soviet stuff of the 60s in which “everybody suffers and everybody dies.” Sputnik is no great wonder, but it competes with a lot of Western so-called sci-fi.

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