Series Review: “Hanna”

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I really liked season 1 of Prime’s “Hanna”. I’d give it four stars. Joel “Takeshi” Kinnaman was fantastic as Hanna’s father. Mireille Enos, who previously partnered with Kinnaman in “The Killing”, was a suitably creepy villain as Marissa. Esme Creed-Miles was solid as Hanna. The story was simple, but engaging.

I was worried that season 2 wouldn’t be as good without Kinnaman. The season delves into the secret government program, UTRAX, that Kinnaman rescued Hanna from when she was a baby, that was run by Marissa. Clara, introduced at the end of season 1, returns, and several new characters are added. Marissa becomes an anti-hero, and Dermot Mulroney is introduced as the new villain.

The series borrows heavily from the Bourne Identity and The Day of the Condor. If you like action/spy thrillers, Hanna is a good addition to the genre, possibly the best such series since Alias.

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2 Responses to Series Review: “Hanna”

  1. Thanks. As a fully recovered former teevee user since Nixon took office, a lot of stuff slips by me–especially British and Canadian offerings that appeal hugely to my less-cultured tastes. In childhood I watched William Tell, Danger Man and The Prisoner with largely beneficial results, and miss that sort of screenwriting.

    • jimbelton says:

      In the past few years, the old style episodic television program has been replaced with long arc story telling. The serials being made for Netflix, Amazon, HBO, and now Disney+ are far superior to most of what broadcast television used to offer, and the networks have also upped their games. That said, there’s still plenty of crap out there. Nice when something good, like Hanna, the Last Kingdom, or Altered Carbon (season 1, at least) comes out.

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