Review of “The Invisible Man”

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I finally got around to watching the 2020 remake of H.G.Wells classic “The Invisible Man”. This film does an excellent job at coming at the story with a fresh take. The viewpoint character is a woman who has is being dominated and controlled by a megalomaniacle scientist who is an expert in the field of optics. She escapes, only to begin believing she’s being stalked by the supposedly dead scientist.

The film is very different from the original novel, where the protagonist was an everyman. The mad scientist is no longer the focus of the story. Rather, the themes of madness, abuse, and revenge are explored. The film suffers from what have become typical Hollywood tropes: female protagonist, black supporting character, white man bad. Though this makes the film more predictable, the writing at least makes these aspects feel organic to the film.

Elisabeth Moss carries the lead well, and the film is a creepy and disturbing slow burn. All in all, this is an excellent remake, one that I enjoyed more than the original story.

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