DIY: Replacing a Plywood Deck

It seems like about every ten years or so, my back deck, which is unroofed, needs to be replaced. The deck is roughly 11’x9′, made out of 3/4″ plywood. The outside 8’x8′ corner is pretty easy to replace, since it’s just two 4’x8′ sheets. This time, due to the heavy damage done before I replace the gutter on the laundry room roof, I’m going to replace a 1′ strip along the side of the house and a 2′ strip under the eave of the laundry room roof.

Tools needed are a skill saw, a drill with a Robertson screw driver bit, a hammer, and brushes and rollers to apply the surface to the deck. This time, I’m using a new 4 part deck coat product: joint compound, sealant, rubber coat, and color coat (grey). Hopefully, this will be more durable than the one coat rubber product I used last time. Other assorted bits: tin snips for cutting the flashing; a Dremel with a cutting wheel to cut the old flashing.

Apart from the deck coat, I’ll need 3 sheets of plywood (pressure treated), 2 12′ lengths of L-flashing to replace the flashing on the outer edge, roofing nails to attach it, and construction screws (2 1/2″ Robertson) to attach the deck. I will also add 2’x4′ supports between the joists for the new edge along the side of the house so the joint doesn’t split due to flexing.

This time, you can see the deck is in sorry shape. At the bottom of this first picture, you can see a hole were the old decking (which I’ve never replaced) has rotted through. The seams between the sheets are also clearly visible, and have been leaking down onto Robin’s patio under the deck.


In this picture, you can see the railing, which will have to be unscrewed along the bottom to let me replace  the deck and flashing.


More to come.

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