All White Men Smeared as Violent

incel-rageThe man who shot and killed nine people outside of a nightclub in Dayton, Ohio, on Aug. 4 reportedly had an extensive history of violence and threats against women. According to Vice News, he was also “deeply involved” in a disturbing part of the extreme metal music scene known as “pornogrind,” which is characterized by sexually violent lyrics and albums featuring dehumanizing images of women and women’s body parts.

What does this have to do with the author’s premise?

Meanwhile, the gunman who killed three people and injured 13 others at a festival in Gilroy, Calif., a week earlier was found to have posted messages online referring to a misogynist, white supremacist manifesto.

White supremacists are a fringe minority. This would seem to imply that misogynists are also a fringe minority.

Recent acts of mass violence in the U.S. have shone a spotlight on the link between misogyny and extremism across the world. And Canada has its own unique problems with misogyny and extremism that have surfaced in recent years in a bout of attacks.

The 2018 Public Report on the Terrorism Threat to Canada… found that while the threat of violence from those who hold extreme right-wing views can manifest itself as violence, it’s not as serious a problem here. The report found that “while racism, bigotry and misogyny may undermine the fabric of Canadian society, ultimately they do not usually result in criminal behaviour or threats to national security.”

Sounds reasonable. The number of racially motivated attacks this century in Canada can be counted on one hand. Lumping mysogynist attacks together with these as “extreme right-wing” is a stretch.

An email to National Observer from Goodale’s office said “Daesh and al-Qaida are (not) the only sources of dangerous extremist violence. It can come from any type of fanaticism,” the email said. “Of increasing concern are groups like right-wing white supremacists and neo-Nazis who foment hate, which manifests itself in violent anti-Semitism, or a brutal misogynistic van attack along Yonge Street in Toronto, or the murder of six Canadian citizens near Quebec City, only because they were at prayer in a mosque.”

Comparing the white supremacists in Canada to ISIS and al-Qaida is ridiculous. Fortunately, Canada hasn’t seen much activity from these Islamic terrorist organizations, but globally, the number killed by them dwarfs the number killed by right wing extremists this century. Al-Qaida’s bombing of the World Trade Center alone killed more than a thousand.

“Few have been willing to name white male violence as a source of national security concern, even though evidence suggests that right-wing extremism and white power ideology have been on the rise for years,” Faisal Bhabha, associate professor at Osgoode Hall Law School at York University, told National Observer.

Ah, how quickly this article moves from discussing white supremacists (a tiny minority) to attacking white male’s in general. The two are not the same.

Incel, shorthand for “involuntarily celibate,” is a term associated with the male supremacist movement, which the U.S.-based Southern Poverty Law Center describes as a hate-based ideology whose adherents “consistently denigrate and dehumanize women, often including advocating physical and sexual violence against them.”

Incels are merely men who are unable to attract women. Incel is not an ideology. Some incels do denigrate and dehumanize women. The SPLC is a left-wing smear factory. They were recently forced to pay a huge settlement to Islamic reformer Majid Nawaz after wrongfully calling him an anti-Muslim extremist.

But at the time, Canadian authorities said they didn’t consider the attack a national security threat, despite a record that suggests otherwise.

Hardly. There have been a few incidents triggered by incel black pill rage, but they don’t threaten the security of the nation.

Canada occupies a unique space in the so-called “manosphere” ⁠— a collection of blogs, websites and forums frequented by misogynists, anti-feminists and men’s rights activists. According to Google Trends, Canada tops the list for global interest in the anti-woman movement known as Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW). Men who identify with the MGTOW movement swear off relationships with women entirely, often citing resentment and grievances with women in their lives as the motivation.

MGTOW is not a movement. Most MGTOW are not anti-woman. They merely don’t want to have anything to do with them, as is their right.

Canada is also the birthplace of the incel movement. A Canadian woman who wanted to create an online support community for people struggling to form long-term romantic relationships first used the term “incel” in the early 1990s. At the time, the term was used to refer to both men and women, but its meaning has radically changed over the years.

What a crock. She merely coined the phrase. There is no incel movement. Incels don’t want to be incels.

Acts of violence associated with the MGTOW and incel movements are still often portrayed as “lone wolf” attacks, but in many cases, the men are motivated by a shared ideology that comes straight from forums and online message boards. Often, the so-called “manosphere” acts as a funnel into the more extreme fringes of the internet, where young men are introduced to white supremacist, neo-Nazi and other extremist ideologies.

What violence is associated with MGTOW? This is an out and out smear. I have never heard of any self-proclaimed MGHOW being involved in an attack. As for incels, they are not a movement. Does their sharing of ideas make them more likely to go on a rampage? Possibly, but the ones raging out are indeed lone wolves.

These extremist communities appeal to aggrieved young men for the same reason misogynistic ideologies are appealing: they offer up a scapegoat for their problems, often in the form of vast conspiracies alleging that women and minorities are responsible for oppressing white men.

Wrong. MGTOW are not extremists. There are MGTOW of all races. Women do share responsibility for society’s problems. Most MGTOW blame men more than women for our social ills.

Men who identify with the MGTOW, incel and other male supremacist movements tend to share a similar set of grievances and sense of entitlement. Many of these men feel they’re being left behind, and they blame women for doing it — just as white supremacists blame immigrants for taking jobs they believe they are entitled to have.

MGTOW is not a male supremacist movement. There are some MGTOW who consider men to be on average superior to women; they cite evidence to support this idea. Women do take jobs that men deserve to have.

According to Fetner, “the beliefs of far-right extremists are driven by anger in response to seeing women, racial/ethnic minorities, religious groups and LGBTQ people making advances” — a phenomenon she described as “status loss.”

The anger from MGTOW comes for unearned advances. Quota systems for women, government grants that aren’t open to men, and biased hiring practices create an unequal playing field. Even though women now out-attend and out-graduate men in universities, and out-earn men in their twenties, they are still given more.

“White men’s status at the top of (the) social hierarchy is not in fact under much threat,” Fetner said. “However, as women, immigrants, religious minorities and visible minorities have made some modest gains (without achieving full equality), the perception that white men have lost their place at the top of the social hierarchy has gained traction among some groups.”

White men are out-earned by oriental men. Men are payed less than women in their twenties, according to Forbes. Men don’t care about being out-earned if those being paid more than them are doing so because they merit it.

“Far-right communities, mostly on the internet, create and pass along false narratives that support scapegoating groups. They often present false information that exaggerates women’s power relative to men’s,” Fetner said.

Far-left communities create false narratives and scapegoat incels and MGTOW. They often present false information that exaggerates MGTOW’s power. See how that works?

“Without regulations addressing the circulation of dangerous, false narratives, it is easy for people to become convinced that the ‘facts’ support the idea that white men are under attack, when the reality is quite different.”

Without suppressing free speech, it’s also hard to address the false narrative that MGTOW are dangerous, when the reality is quite different. You don’t have the right to speak out against a group and then deny them the right to speak out against you.

Both Fetner and Bhabha agreed that misogyny-fuelled violence is a pressing national security concern. But historically, Canada’s national security agencies have overlooked domestic threats in favour of prioritizing Islamic-inspired terrorism, Bhabha said. He doesn’t believe that we need new laws to address the scourge of misogyny-fuelled violence.

Islamic terrorism is orders of magnitude more dangerous. What new laws do you propose that wouldn’t impinge on the freedoms of the vast multitude of us who are not dangerous incels?

Rather, he said, “the way to combat violence against women is to address the underlying social causes of violence.”

Correct. Addressing the economic imbalance that has led to the incel phenomena is the solution. Calling out philosophies like MGTOW that expose your ideology’s lies and fear-mongering in order to take away their rights will have the opposite affect.

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  1. With yearly gun violence figures ominously close to DAILY auto fatalities, I began looking through the reports. All of the school shootings I found were government schoolkids steeped in the initiation of force. Has there ever been a private school kid who came to school and shot a bunch of classmates and faculty?

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