Review of “October Faction” (episodes 1 & 2)

* D

october-factionI just watched the first two episodes of the new Netflix series “October Faction”. The concept–Spy Kids meets Supernatural–and the trailer both looked good. Unfortunately, for me, the show didn’t deliver. The supernatural elements are fine, but they are wrapped in far too much drama and painful social commentary.

The writing is cringily bad, with “jokes” that consistently fail to land. The teen drama is awful, worse than in Twilight or Spiderman Homecoming. There is a lot of virtue signalling, calling out white privilege, anti-gay bigotry (yes, one of the characters gets called a “homo”), and none of it is subtle or seems an organic part of the story. The pacing is all over the place, by turns turgid, then frenetic.

After sitting through a second episode just to make sure, I’m unlikely to watch further unless someone tells me that the series improves drastically. I’d compare this to Sabrina, or any of the recent CW super hero shows. Not for me, and it seems I’m not alone: the rotten tomatoes audience score is 55% (rotten).

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