Niagara Falls Pictures

On a recent off site meeting in Toronto, my team spent a day at Niagara Falls and took time in the afternoon to view the falls from both above and below (by boat). Here are some pics.


This is the view from Table Rock at the head of the Horseshoe Falls, which are on the Canadian side of the river.


From the same viewpoint, looking out over the falls at the fume of spray that comes up from where the fall pours into the river below.


Closer to the fall, and you can see a rainbow in the fume.


A better shot of the rainbow.


The near edge of the horseshoe fall from the downstream edge of Table Rock.


Closeup of the fall. Above it, you can see an old shipwreck that has been carried near the top of the falls during heavy rains.


Looking out over the fume at the far side of the horseshoe falls.


Looking down at the Hornblower, which carries tourists up to the falls from further downstream. The Hornblower sails from the Canadian side. The Maid of the Mist, which sails from the American side, was closed for the season.


One of the massive dinosaurs that guards the way to the boats. This is part of a dinosaur themed mini-golf course.


View of the American side of the falls with the smaller Bridal Fall on the right end, taken from the top of the elevator down to the boats.


Same falls, taken from the boat.


The side of the horseshoe falls opposite the table rock, taken from the boat.


Heading into the fume, it’s like a rain storm.


A rainbow in the mist, looking back at the far side of the horseshoe falls and, on the left, the American falls.

You may copy these photos under Creative Commons:

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