Installing a Gutter: Preparing the Gutter

The laundry room roof I rebuilt four years ago (see Roofing: Installing Certainteed Flintastic Roof Cap) never had it’s gutter reinstalled. This meant the deck below it has rotted out for probably the third time in twenty years. Before rebuilding the deck, I’m going to reinstall a new gutter. The downspout ends up being tricky, as there’s a washing line that runs under the gutter between the downspout and the laundry room.

Step 1: Cut the gutter to length, cut a hole in it, and fit the outlet (the top of the downspout). Unfortunately, all I could get at Home Depot was this crappy plastic part.


Here’s what the outlet looks like from the bottom of the gutter. I cut the hole with a drill, a pair of tin shears, and a pair of wire cutters to get the final fit.


Step 2: I’m going to fasten the downspout with rivets, so the next step is to find a drill bit that fits the rivets.


Step 3: Drill through the downspout and the outlet, push a rivet through the hole, and secure it with the riveter on both sides.


Step 4: After doing the same on the other side, open a tube of gutter seal.


Step 5: Seal around the outlet and attach the end caps to the gutter with sealant as well.


Step 6: Since the downspout is only riveted into plastic, I put sealant around the top of it too, just for extra strength.


Once the sealant is dry, I’ll fasten the gutter to the edge of the roof and finish the downspout.

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