How to Make a 6 Layer Nacho Dip

You will need a largish ceramic cake pan, a spatula, a sharp pairing knife, a plate, a can of refried beans, a red pepper, a jar of salsa, a bunch of green onions, a tub of sour cream, and a block of cheddar cheese.

Step 1: Open the refried beans–I like to use Old El Paso refried beans with mild green chili–and spread the beans evenly over the bottom of the pan:


Like so:


Step 2: Wash, halve, and core the red pepper, then dice it finely:

IMG_0573 Spread the peppers in a thin even layer:


Step 3: Add a layer of salsa. I like to use Pace medium chunky.


Step 4: Chop the whole bunch of green onions and spread them in an even layer:


Step 5: Add a layer of sour cream:


Step 6: Add a layer of finely grated cheddar on top, then refrigerate:


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