Sorry, CTV, Bernier is Right on Climate Change

peoples-party-logoCTV published a video of Maxime Bernier’s Toronto launch of the new People’s Party in Ontario under the sensationalist title “Maxime Bernier: ‘There is no climate change urgency in this country’“. What does Bernier actually have to stay? I’m going to comment on what I think are the salient points.

We are starting together a common sense revolution. We are the only principled alternative to the two old political parties in Ottawa. We’re the only ones who have the courage to speak about … what we believe. We are telling the truth; there’s no political correctness with us. There is no taboo subject. I think it is important for having a freer and a more prosperous country to be the voice of the people and work for the people and we are ready to do that.

This positions the party by leveling criticisms implicitly at both the “two old parties” (since why create an alternative if one of them were acceptable), and the NDP and the Greens, who Bernier is explicitly calling out as unprincipled.

This party has been built on four principles:

  1. individual freedom
  2. personal responsibility
  3. respect
  4. fairness

I respect Bernier’s dedication to individual freedom. Personal responsibility necessarily flows from this. To me, respect is not something given but something earned, but I believe in being humble enough to listen to what others have to say before deciding whether or not they deserve respect. I also agree with fairness, assuming that means equality of opportunity.

We are the only party who won’t pander to the special interest group of the cartel in milk, dairy, and poultry, the 19000 dairy, poultry and egg producers in this country. We want them to be able to export their products, but we want Canadians to pay half the price for these products. We want a Canadian family to save $400 a year. The other political parties are working to please these 19,000 producers, not for 37 million Canadians.

Bernier is against the quota system that keeps Canadian prices for these commodities at as much as double the price Americans pay. I agree 100%. See my post In Socialist Canada, Dairy Farmers Milk You.

[Justin Trudeau claim’s that he] will achieve the Paris Accord target and everybody knows that he won’t be able to do that, starting with his own environmental department… Trudeau wants to do this by taxing and giving some rebates. Taxes and subsidies [are] not the solution. The solution is to be honest with Canadians. There is no climate change urgency in this country.

Bernier is not wrong. According to a Nanos Research poll, 73% of Canadians view ethics in government as paramount issue in fall election. And while 53% viewed the carbon tax as important, another Nanos survey found that 2 out of 3 think that the carbon tax will make business less rather than more competitive.

We know that the climate is always changing… The question is, is it … mostly because of mankind, and there [are] a lot of scientists that are saying no, [that that] is a part of why the climate … is changing, but it is not the main part.

Bernier is trying to say what I talk about in my post Sea Level Increase Now and Predicted. The global surface temperature and the sea level have been rising since well before human CO2 emissions were significant. In recent times, there’s clear evidence that we are accelerating these natural increases, but they are still the dominant factor.

We’re the only party [that] wants to get rid of corporate welfare. We must not … choose the corporations that will win and the corporation that won’t… It’s [up to] the consumer to decide… We want to end corporate welfare, save five billion dollars [per year], and use that money to lower taxes.

Anyone who is serious about solving global warming should start here before ever talking about a carbon tax. Why are we giving money to companies, then taxing it back?

We’re the only party also who wants to bring back … money that Justin Trudeau is giving to other countries to fight climate change, the 2.3 billion dollars that the Liberal government is giving to African countries to fight climate change. Do you really believe that these dictatorships in Africa will use the money to fight climate change? We must bring back the money to Canadians first.

We shouldn’t be giving money to other countries until our own budget is balanced, though as Bernier goes on to point out, this doesn’t mean not doing work in a true crisis or disaster situation.

The liberals, the conservatives, the greens, and the NDP don’t want … to balance our budget in two years. Andrew Scheer said when I was running against him … for the leadership of the Conservative Party that he would balance the budget in two years and he said that … when he became the leader of the Conservative Party, but two weeks ago, “oh no I won’t be able to balance the budget. I [want] to spend more … and will balance the budget only in two terms, five years from now.”

During the Mulroney era, the conservatives managed to more than double the national debt. Without his unwavering commitment to balance the budget, I  too question Scheer’s sincerity.

Unlike CTV, I find the statement that climate change is not the most important issue for Canadians to be an uncontroversial opinion. I think M. Bernier would best avoid discussing the science, and stick with the fact that the carbon tax is just another tax that, as we’ve seen in BC, will merely become a new way for the government to extract more money from those who can least afford it.

There is much to like in the PPC’s policies, particularly the elimination of corporate welfare and most foreign aid, and the commitment to eliminating the dairy boards and privatizing the post office and the CBC. Meanwhile, what are the Scheer Conservatives policies? They seem to be stuck in the status quo of the Harper years. There’s a reason I voted against the Conservatives in the last election, and they have done little to win me back.

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