Movies Coming in 2019

I’m going to comment on the movies planned for release in 2019 according to The Numbers. I’m only commenting on ones that I’ve heard of or that sound interesting.

Release Date Film Title Comments
February 1 Jacob’s Ladder Why is this excellent film being remade? Unless I hear it’s as good or better than the original, I’m not interested.
February 5 Benchwarmers 2: Breaking Balls Yuck!
February 8 The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part I couldn’t get through the first part. No go.
What Men Want I loved the original, but this is another all female reboot. Unless I hear it’s good, I’m not interested.
February 14 Alita: Battle Angel This looks epic. I plan to see it unless I hear it’s bad.
February 22 How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World I thought the first film was decent, but don’t feel the need to watch any of the sequels.
March 8 Captain Marvel I’ll go to this if I hear it’s good.
March 15 Wonder Park Looks like another dumb animated film. No go.
March 29 Dumbo Live action Tim Burton film. I’ll go if I hear it’s good.
April 5 Pet Cemetary Remake of a decent film based on a good Stephen King novel. I may go see it if I hear it’s good.
Shazam! Zach “Chuck” Levi in a Big meets super hero film. Looks fun. I’m in.
April 12 Hellboy Reboot (why?) starring David “Hopper” Harbour. The professor is downgraded from John Hurt to Ian McShane. I’ll go if I hear it’s good.
April 26 Avengers: Endgame Will see this unless I hear it’s bad.
May 10 Detective Pikachu Ryan Reynolds voices the electric mouse. Will see this if I hear it’s good.
May 17 John Wick 3: Parabellum Hopefully this one’s better than part 2. May see in the theatre if I hear it’s good.
May 24 Aladdin Loved the animated version. Will Smith as Genie. Will see if I hear it’s good.
BrightBurn Horror Superman from GOTG director James Gunn. May see if I hear it’s good.
Minecraft Unlikely to see this.
May 31 Godzilla: King of the Monsters May see this if I hear it’s good, but unlikely.
Rocketman Elton John biopic. I love EJ, but doubt I’ll go to this.
June 7 Dark Phoenix The final Fox instalment in the X-Men reboot. May go if I hear it’s good.
The Secret Life of Pets 2 Nope.
June 14 Men in Black: International May see this reboot starring Tessa “Valkyrie” Thompson and Chris “Thor” Hemsworth with Liam Neeson as “Z”.
Shaft Comedy reboot. No thanks.
June 21 Child’s Play Reboot horror. No thanks.
Grudge Third sequel to my favourite horror film. I’ll pass unless I hear it’s great.
Toy Story 4 May see this. Liked the first three.
June 28 47 Meters Down: Uncaged Shark movie sequel. No!
July 3 The Conjuring 3 Might see. First one was decent. Unlikely.
July 5 Spider-Man: Far From Home Homecoming was decent. May see this sequel.
July 19 The Lion King Live action remake. Might see it if I hear it’s great.
August 2 Dora The Explorer No
Hobbs and Shaw Fast and Furious spin off with the Rock and Statham. Unlikely to see this.
The New Mutants Scary X-Men. Will go if I hear it’s good.
August 9 Artemis Fowl May go to this young adult fantasy if I hear good things.
August 16 The Angry Birds Movie 2 No chance.
September 6 It: Chapter Two Hells yeah!
September 20 Downton Abbey Only if I’m dragged there.
October 4 Joker Jaochim Phoenix stars. I may go if I hear it’s good.
October 11 The Addams Family Another reboot? No chance.
Are You Afraid of the Dark? Meh. Not likely.
Zombieland 2 3D Not unless I hear it’s really good. First one was OK.
November 1 Charlie’s Angels Another rereboot with Kirsten Stewart. No chance.
Terminator 6 Maybe, if I hear it’s good. Still haven’t watched Genesis. I loved 1 and 2.
 November 8 Midway Reboot of an old war movie. Unlikely I’ll see it.
Sonic The Hedgehog Unlikely I’ll see this.
November 15 Untitled Kingsman Movie If I hear it’s better than the second one, maybe.
November 22 Frozen 2 Nope. Haven’t seen the first one.
December 13 Jumanji 3 May see if I hear it’s good. The reboot (Jumanji 2) was surprisingly good.
December 18 Masters of the Universe Might see this if I hear its really good.
December 20 Star Wars: Ep. IX Will see this unless I hear its terrible.
TBD Bride of Frankenstein May see this if I hear its really good.
Kim Possible Unlikely to see this.

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