Review of “Mercury Rising”

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mercury-risingMercury Rising is a mediocre thriller about an idiot savant, Simon Lynch (Miko Hughes), who is able to break a top secret US military code. When the NSA man in charge of the code, Lt. Col. Nick Kudrow (Alec “The Shadow” Baldwin), finds out, he targets the boy for assassination, wiping out his entire family. FBI agent Art Jeffries (Bruce “McClane” Willis) goes rogue to protect Lynch.

This is a straightforward thriller. What has become a Hollywood trope, the exceptional autist, which was fresh when it was done in Rain Man, has too much time spent on it. The romantic subplot with love interest Stacey (Kim Dickens) seems tacked on simply to serve the plot and is completely unbelievable.

While Mercury Rising passed the time, I can’t recommend it.

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