Men Blamed for Women Freezing Ova

eggsAccording to the Telegraph, Women freeze their eggs to allow men to get ahead in their careers. Presumably they mean to allow their mates to get ahead? How does a woman freezing her eggs help a man to get ahead?

Women are freezing their eggs in increasing numbers because men fear becoming a father will harm their career, according to new research.

If a man wants to focus on his career, he simple does so. Men can wait until their forties to begin a family, so this isn’t a problem.

Fertility experts have warned that the more equal demands of modern parenthood mean men are putting off having children to avoid extra costs on their time.

If a man has the means, he can look for a woman who wants to stay at home and raise their children. If he can’t afford to support a family on his income, choosing to delay marriage until he’s able to afford it is not a bad idea.

They said new data debunked the “myth” that women are artificially preserving their fertility so they can “buy Gucci handbags and get paid lots of money working in banks”.

Doesn’t seem like you would need data to debunk such a myth.

Instead, a new study shows it is the lack of a male partner willing to embark on parenthood that is chiefly responsible for driving women to freeze their eggs at a cost of around £7,000.

So which men are these women freezing their eggs to allow to get ahead, then? This paragraph contradicts the premise of the article.

The new research comes as another survey found that fewer than eight per cent of women who opt for freezing go on to use those eggs, indicating the procedure “empowers women to wait for Mr Right rather than settling for Mr Alright”.

Wow. So more that 92% of the time, these women are wasting their $10000.  Maybe they should have bought the Gucci handbag. It might have been a better deal.

Yale University conducted interviews with 150 women who had chosen to freeze their eggs for non-medical reasons. Elective egg freezing due to career considerations was the least common of the reasons given by women without a partner at the time.

And yet they didn’t have a partner, presumably because they had been focusing on their careers.

Meanwhile those with partners said they froze their eggs either because their male partner was not ready to have a child, the relationship was too new or uncertain, or the partner simply refused.

If you want to have children, why would you partner with someone who doesn’t?

Further research by the University of Copenhagen, which interviewed men in their 20s, found they commonly wanted to succeed in their careers before considering whether or not to have children.

Makes sense. Men can have children in their forties. Why would they want to have them in their twenties?

Professor Nicholas Macklon, from the University of Southampton, said: “She may have found Mr Right but convincing him that now is the right time to start a family is probably going to be harder because men realise they are going to have to take more of the burden.

If you want children, you need to find a partner who also wants children and who wants the kind of relationship that you do. This means you need to have reasonable expectations.

Dr Virginia Bolton said “The reason women freeze their eggs is because women have relationship issues, they don’t have relationships and they know their biological clock is ticking.”

So nothing to do with allowing men to get ahead in their careers, then.

New data from the Brussels Centre for Reproductive Medicine between 2009 and 2017 showed that the average age women elected to freeze their eggs was 36, with around eight or nine eggs typically collected and stored using rapid freezing.

At 36, a woman is nearing the end of her fertility window. Assuming she can find someone who wants to marry her so late in life–she wins the 8% lottery and is able to use those frozen ova–what is the chance that she and her partner will succeed in in-vitro fertilization and that she will be able to carry it to term?

The overall survival rate of the thawed eggs was 73 per cent, and the rate of ongoing pregnancy after embryo transfer was 33 per cent.

So 8% actually thaw their ova, 6% have ova that survive, and only 2% actually become pregnant? Those are pretty poor odds.

Campaigners are currently lobbying for a change in the law which forces clinics to destroy eggs that have been frozen for non-medical reasons after ten years.

Why is there such a law? Are such eggs nonviable?

Gritt Marie Malling, who conducted the interviews with young men at the University of Copenhagen, said: “We found that one of the most important factors was that these young men feel a great pressure about a number of things that feel they need to do in society, and they feel they have to do them in the right order. First they go through studies, then a career, then find a partner and then they maybe have children later.”

That makes sense. A man needs resources, which he gets through education and career, before he can attract a partner.

“Although almost all of the men wanted children, and some even four children – but they still painted it as something longer out in time.”

If a man marries at 40, he can easily have 4 children.

The headline of this article is complete bullshit. It should read something like “women freeze their eggs because they haven’t found a suitable mate by the time their fertility wanes.” Ideally, women should be marrying by the time they reach their mid twenties, and should be having their children before thirty. This gives them the best chance of conceiving and bearing healthy children.

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2 Responses to Men Blamed for Women Freezing Ova

  1. Asia Agento says:

    who the hell are you to say a goddamn thing about women’s health or fertility? what gives you the right to speak as an kind of authority on these matters, most especially since you have a mullet for a haircut? why is every relationship one of ‘resources’?

    • jimbelton says:

      Who the hell are you to say a goddam thing about who can speak on any issue? I speak from experience. Commenting on appearance is not an argument. Almost every relationship is about resources because for the past million years, women needed resources while they were gestating, bearing, and raising small children. Psychology is primarily evolved, not socially constructed.

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