Fair Weather Free Speech Advocacy

free-speech-signThe progressive movement continues to turn its weapons upon itself. This time, Facebook BLOCKS links to women’s rights group after ‘transphobia’ complaints.

Woman’s Place UK campaigns for women-only spaces and raises concerns about transgender people being able to self-identify as women. The group’s supporters have blasted the campaign as a “disgrace” and accused Facebook of “suppressing free speech”.

So now they care about free speech. Did they protest CNN’s move to have Infowars removed from Facebook? Diamond and Silk? Lauren Southern? Funny how censorship is fine when its people you don’t like, but when it’s you, suddenly free speech is being suppressed.

“The reason given is that ‘they may be in breach of community standards’. They are not,” tweeted the group. “We would urge you to visit our website, read the posts and decide for yourself”.

Let’s see if the Sun’s article gives details.

“Only fake news and hard brexit is allowed on @facebook. Women’s rights are bad, m’kay.” tweeted one user.

If sources of fake news aren’t violating the community standards and the women’s rights sight is, this seems fair. How is support for hard brexit on Facebook a problem?

The move coincided with a Twitter post from user @mimmymum, whose profile indicates the account belongs to Helen, who is “passionate about acceptance for transgender people & #trans kids”.

Said post suggests reporting Woman’s Place UK’s page to Facebook as going against their community standards. Helen also accused the group of transphobia and excluding trans women.

Judith Green, of Woman’s Place UK, told The Times it was difficult to contact Facebook to discuss why it had blocked the links, adding: “We regard it as a fairly serious interference in democratic discussion. This is about women’s voices being able to be heard”.

Well, as people have said when conservative content was blocked, Facebook is a private company, and is not subject to the US first amendment.

Woman’s Place UK was formed in September 2017 in the wake of the government’s pledge to amend the Gender Recognition Act, allowing people to legally change their gender without medical approval.

I.e. to oppose the right of anyone to claim that they are transgender.

The group’s supporters complained of the clampdown over the weekend, and it’s since been withdrawn.

Interesting. Why were they taken down in the first place then?

The group says it wants a “respectful and evidence-based discussion about the impact of the proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act to be allowed to take place and for women’s voices to be heard”.

The same way feminists allow a respectful and evidence-based discussion of men’s issues?

It has accused social media sites of deliberately “obstructing” and “hiding” its posts and alleged that its detractors are setting up fake profiles as part of a smear campaign against its nationwide events  and public meetings.

That’s what they do to Infowars too.

Facebook’s crackdown, and subsequent u-turn, is the latest in a series of gaffes for the company.

But was this a gaffe, or was it consistent application of their guidelines, followed by a retreat from the righteous mob?

Just days ago, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg backtracked from his apparent defence of holocaust deniers on his site. But Facebook’s policy allowing such blatant misinformation remains unchanged.

Posting misinformation is not against their policies unless it is an incitement to hatred or violence. Given that anyone can post on Facebook, how could they possibly prevent misinformation?

This won’t be the last time that the progressives’s own tactics are used against them, either by their own or their opponents. Free speech is not a cause to be taken up when it suits you. If you attack the rights of others to speak, why are you surprised when the same is done to you?

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