Review of “The Commuter”

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“The Commuter”, a thriller starring Liam Neeson as ex-policeman Michael MacCauley, is just out on DVD. The kinds of films can be trite, but I found it surprisingly good. Neeson carries it easily, giving a solid performance. The script acknowledges his age, while apologetically allowing him to be a true action hero.

The mysterious Joanna (Vera “Lorraine” Farmiga) lures MacCauley into a game of cat and mouse in an excellent and creepy performance. Jonathan Banks and Patrick “Night Owl” Wilson are solid as a friend and MacCauley’s former partner, respectively, with Sam Neill rounding out the major cast as MacCauley’s former Sargeant, now a Captain.

I won’t spoil the plot, other than to say MacCauley must find another passenger before the train reaches its destination. This is a fun little thriller, full of action. I managed to guess the “who dunnit” well before the big reveal, but that made it no less enjoyable. My only complaint is that the beginning of the film, which sets up Neeson’s character, was a little slow, but the remainder made up for it in spades.

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