Review of “The Titan”

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the-titanThe Titan is the latest movie made exclusively for Netflix. It’s a science fiction film set in 2049, in a future where the Earth is failing. A scientist, Prof. Collingwood (Tom Wilkinson), comes up with a reckless plan to genetically alter people to be able to survive on Saturn’s moon, Titan. Among the volunteers is Rick Jansen (Sam “Jake” Worthington), a veteran of combat in Syria. He and his wife Abi (Taylor “Piper” Schilling) and their son Lucas move to the base where the astronauts are being prepared.

At first, all goes well. Then, side effects of the treatments become apparent. It’s slowly revealed that the treatment is highly experimental. This is unsurprising considering that according to the film, the atmosphere of Titan contains only 5% oxygen. Of course, this is untrue. Titan’s atmosphere actually has no oxygen at all and the surface temperature is -179 degrees Celsius, making the idea that a human being, no matter how modified, could survive on the surface of the moon absolutely ridiculous.

If you buy the ridiculous premise, the film does a reasonable job. The acting is serviceable, the pace a little slow. I found the ending a bit tired. All and all, The Titan failed to deliver the goods for me.

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