Review of “Travelers” (season 1)

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travelersTravelers is a science fiction series starring Eric “Will” McCormack as FBI agent Grant McClaren leading a team of 4 other “travelers” who have been sent to save the world from a catastrophic future by the mysterious “director”. They are an odd group: Marcy (MacKenzie Porter) is mentally challenged; Carly (Nesta Cooper) is a single mother with an abusive ex. Trevor (Jared Abrahamson) is a jock who nearly dies in a cage fight; and Philip (Reilly Dolman) is a heroin addict.

This oddball team must come together to take on missions, battle mysterious enemies, and all the while, keep up the pretense that they are normal people. The science fiction plot is solid, and the first season stays intriguing throughout. The acting is also good. I find the series reminiscent of Fringe, though less over the top. I really enjoyed season 1, and have started watching season 2 on Showcase. Season 2 should be available on Netflix if you don’t live in Canada.

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