Review of “The Sinner” (season 1)

* D

“The Sinner” is an 8 hour crime/drama miniseries. Cora Tennetti (Jessica Biel) brutally murders a man she doesn’t know. Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) becomes obsessed with figuring out why, despite her full confession to the crime and guilty plea in court. He soon discovers that she has forgotten two months of her memories, and over the course of the series, the mystery of what happened is unraveled.

The two main characters in The Sinner are interesting, and the twists and turns of the plot work well. I found this series very difficult to watch. Almost all of Cora’s backstory, as well as the side story of Ambrose’s relationship with his wife, are concerned with abusive relationships and their long term effects, a subject which I find depressing.

The upside is a fairly good crime story, with a solid detective in Ambrose. Pullman is easily the outstanding actor, but as Cora, Biel manages to walk a line along the edge of mental instability that leaves her character not entirely unlikable. Several of the supporting roles are well executed, particularly Abby Miller, who plays a police woman who must balance her job with her friendship for Cora’s husband. While this wasn’t my thing, if you like a crime story that is drama heavy, it might be for you.

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