Book Review: “The King’s Blood”

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The King’s Blood is Daniel Abraham’s sequel to “The Dragon’s Path”. It follows the characters from the first book: Cithrin, Marcus Wester, Gedar, and Dawson. Claire (Dawson’s wife) and Master Kit are added as viewpoint characters in this book. The fantasy element, which finally appeared at the end of the first book, takes a more prominent role in The King’s Blood, but remains one plot thread of many.

Abraham continues to focus primarily on his characters, but the plot slowly winds to a juncture of several threads, making the end of the book more satisfying than the first two thirds. I actually liked this volume better than the first, and intend to read the next installment, The Tyrant’s Law. There are five volumes in the series. If the quality doesn’t drop of, I may stay until the end.

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