Book Review: “The Dragon’s Path”

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The Dragon’s Path by Daniel Abraham is endorsed by George R. R. Martin, and I can see why. It’s in the same “Sword and Palace Intrigue” subgenre of fantasy as Game of Thrones. The one major fantasy element in the book is limited to the prologue and the last few chapters, almost making this a historical romance set in an alternate universe.

The multithreaded plot follows several characters: a once great mercenary, the ward of a bank, a minor nobleman mocked by his peers, and the childhood friend of the king. Their stories slowly intersect until the tale reaches a satisfying conclusion, but not before a city is burned to the ground and a plot to kill the king’s heir is uncovered.

If you like palace intrigue, you may like this book more than I did. I found the payoff worth the effort, but this wasn’t the best read I’ve had recently. I’ve now read and reviewed the sequel, “The King’s Blood”, which I likedbetter than this book.

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