Book Review: “Star Wars: Han Solo”

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han-solo“Star Wars: Han Solo” is a graphic novel set between the events of A New Hope and The Empire Strikes back. In it, Solo is tasked by Leia to rendezvous with three rebel operatives and extract them, under the cover of an interstellar race known as The Dragon Run. The race is incredibly dangerous, and most of those who participate are professional racers.

Solo quickly discovers that one of the rebel agents has been hunting down and killing the others, while another has a list of all the rebel operatives. Meanwhile, he decides he really wants to win the race. One of the other racers, an alien who is the last of her race, befriends him. The story ends with a twist ending that I won’t spoil.

The book started out well, but it had some serious problems. The biggest was that all three rebel operatives just happened to be on exactly the planets that were the pit stops on the race. Just a little too convenient. The other big problem for me was the ending. It came out of nowhere. Had there been some subtle clues along that way that this was where the story was heading, I might have bought it.

I hope that the story for the solo Solo movie is better.

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