Free Software for Windows

free-softwareI’m a big fan of free software. Now that I’m (at least temporarily) back on Windows (10), I’m finding the Windows equivalents of all of the applications I grew to love on Linux. Here’s a list of them, which I’ll add to as I continue to install new ones.

Application Description
The Gimp Photoshop like image editor
Geany Text editor that’s powerful enough to use for software development
bitorrent A bit torrent client that now supports proxies and unlike utorrent, seems to be adware free.
Libreoffice MS Office compatible free office suite
Audacity Great free audio editor. If you download the ffmpeg plugin, it can also rip the audio tracks from video files.
Git for Windows Source code management and interaction with
VNC Movie player
Freemake Video Converter Video transcoder (e.g. DVD to mp4)
Videopad On Linux, I’ve previously used Kino to edit video, but it is a disk hog,
very crashy, and produced glitchy output, some I’m going to give videopad a try
Git for Windows Source code management and interaction with


  1. qbittorrent, the bit torrent client I’ve used on Linux, doesn’t support proxies. I used utorrent for a while. Not only did the default installation of utorrent install adware, but it kept trying to upgrade itself to malware that was blocked by Avast.
  2. The handbrake video converter failed to work on a couple of my DVDs.
  3. I tried out the oneshot video editor, but found it pretty useless due to its lack of a simple cut tool.

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