Worst Movies/Series I Watched in 2017

rotten-tomatoI’m going to list the worst recent movies and series I watched this year, from least to most terrible. Before I do, some dishonorable mentions:

Cinderella (2014)

This is truly an awful film. I ran across it by accident. It may deserve to be lower on the list, but it wasn’t something I watched intentionally.

Blade Runner 2049

I thought this film was OK. I’m putting it on this list because it was such a huge disappointment. I see people putting this on their best of year lists. Why?

The Bottom Ten


Crappy music and a dull animated film. Sorry, Disney.

American Assassin

A good premise and first act is spoiled by a dull stock spy drama.

Fifty Shades Darker

Yes, this one is much worse than the first. Terrible drama, boring sex scenes.

The Void

Interesting practical effects can’t save this mediocre horror film.

Marvel Inhumans

Inhumans is so bad, it left me incredulous. At one point, this series was planned to be a film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. How did they make something this bad. BTW, the rest of the series (I watched at least four more episodes) was equally as bad as the pilot.


Very dull crime drama that seems to be a supernatural thriller, but turns out to be a big fat nothing burger.


This comedy isn’t particularly funny, but its attempt at drama is awful.

Don’t Kill It

Dolph Lungren sucks in this crappy demonic possession flick.

The Lobster

This dystopian science fiction makes no sense, and sucks.

Shin Godzilla

Terribly dull, poorly acted, lousy models. This makes the Matthew Broderick Godzilla film look like a masterpiece.

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I'm a software developer, and a writer of both fiction and non-fiction, and I blog about movies, books, and philosophy. My interest in religious philosophy and the search for the truth inspires much of my writing.
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