Review of “American Assassin”

* D

american-assassinAmerican Assassin is a fairly straightforward action flick. It starts out well. Mitch Rapp (Dylan O’Brien) is caught up in an Islamic terror attack, and his fiancee is killed in front of his eyes. He then trains and joins ISIS, with the objective to kill those responsible. He is about to have his revenge when the cell is attacked by the Americans, and the man who killed his fiancee is killed. Mitch is taken captive, and is then recruited by the CIA.

After he is trained by Stan Hurley (Michael “Batman” Keaton), they are sent to stop a group of Iranian terrorists who are trying to acquire a nuclear weapon. There are only two things that scare me, and one of them is nuclear war. The weapon is stolen by a rogue former CIA agent who was also trained by Hurley, and Rapp has to stop him from blowing up the US navy.

After the promising opening act, Rapp’s revenge at any cost character is essentially dropped, and he becomes a rookie underdog good guy. At this point, the only thing that made the film interesting is gone, and what’s left is a tired plot out of an eighties James Bond film without any gadgets. Keaton is dull, and O’Brien isn’t up to carrying the remaining two acts of what becomes a series of cliched tropes.

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