The Feminist’s New Clothes

A new telegraph article, ‘Victimhood narrative’ taught in schools fuels anxiety in young women, academic claims, shows that some are beginning to see the failures of feminism. How far down the red pill rabbit hole have they gone?

victim-cardThe “victimhood narrative” that is being taught at schools and universities is fuelling anxiety in young women, an academic has argued in her new book. Doctrines of “everyday sexism” and “rape culture” are having a “debilitating” effect on girls’ confidence, according to Dr Joanna Williams, a lecturer in higher education at Kent University.

Well, these are the least of the problems caused by those doctrines, but since we live in a gynocentric society, they are exactly the ones that could lead to change.

Institutions which should be promoting women’s rights – such as schools, universities and feminist campaigners – are now doing more harm than good, she argues.

These institutions should be promoting equal rights, not women’s rights. Schools have been moulded to favour girls over boys, and in universities, women now outnumber men by a significant proportion. As noted in my post How Helping Women is Hurting Women, promoting women over men has led to educated women not being able to find educated men to marry.

In a new book, titled Women vs Feminism: Why We All Need Liberating from the Gender Wars, Dr Williams say that the breed of feminism which is considered “fashionable” nowadays involves telling young women that casual misogyny and sexual harassment are rife.

While there are misogyny and sexual harassment, there are also misandry and false accusations. All boys and men are being demonized by these same feminists. Is it any wonder that the MGTOW movement, made up of men who want little or nothing to do with women, exists and has its own doctrine on female hypergamy: all women are like that.

[The feminist message] is increasingly out of touch with reality. Girls are doing so much better at school than boys, and yet we are having people like The Everyday Sexism Project are coming into schools sends out a message of: ‘just you wait, there are real difficulties ahead’. If girls are instilled with a mindset of victimhood at a young age, it can set them back later in life. When women go out into the world of work and experience obstacles, rather than persevering they think ‘oh these are the insurmountable barriers I was told about’.

Irrationality leads to irrationality. Only the truth will set you free.

The narrative continues at university where students are told that there is a “rape culture” or some kind of “epidemic” of sexual assault on campus. It is very difficult for women to present themselves as powerful, strong and capable if they think they need to be wary and anxious. So if someone pays you a compliment [you are told] that is outrageous. You are told it is not a joke, it is a sexual attack, it is “everyday sexism” or a micro-aggression.

And men know this, and so they stop paying compliments, which makes it that much more likely that women will spend their youths without finding a suitable mate.

“When you teach girls they are victims they believe it. But this is not in keeping with reality and it can become quite debilitating.”

This is called lying.

Feminism is outdated since girls now consistently outperform boys at school and more women have been going on to higher education than men for the past generation. If you go back 25 or 30 years ago it really was the case that girls were not doing as well as boys and didn’t have the same education opportunities.

So at one time, the doctrine was grounded in truth. But now, it is a lie.

The better women’s lives become, “the harder it seems that a new generation of feminists must try to justify their purpose through uncovering ever more obscure problems”.

And so we have laws against men sitting with their legs spread, whistling at women, and posting mean comments on the internet.

True liberals have begun to see feminism for what it is: authoritarian and discriminatory. This has led to the rise of anti-feminists, men’s rights activists, and MGTOW. All the good that feminism has done (MGTOW, of course, would say that it has done little to none) is at risk of being thrown away by a huge backlash. Unfortunately, I have little faith that reason will prevail before things come to a crisis.

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