Review of “My Hero Academia: Season 2” (English dub)

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my-hero-acedemia-s2My Hero Academia continues to entertain in its second season. This time around, there are two battle arcs (a common feature of Shonin manga) separated by what, for me, is the best arc of the season: The young heroes are assigned to internships, and when Tenya Iida goes after Stain, the villain who paralyzed his brother, he, Izuku “Deku” Midoriya, and Shouto Todoroki go up against the villain.

There is plenty to like in the new season. The heroes take their names. During the internship arc,  Tsuyu “Sue” Asui gets a stand alone episode. The battle arcs have some great moments, culminating with a battle where Midoriya must team up with his rival Katsuki Bakugou to fight All Might. To cap off the season, Tomura Shigaraki of the league of villains confronts Midoriya and reveals his plan to destroy All Might.

Boku no Hero Academia, in my opinion, has surpassed Marvel’s X-Men in their current iterations. By giving 90% of the population ‘quirks’, author Kohei Horikoshi sidestepped any temptation to moralize over mutant rights, something which turned X-Men from heroic fantasy into political commentary. In contrast, My Hero Academia pits young heroes and their powerful mentors against a vast sea of villains who use their quirks for personal gain and, in the case of Stain and Shigaraki, evil. Season 3 is in development. Here’s hoping its just as good.

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