Review of “Sleeping Beauty (2014)”

 * D

sleeping-beautyAccording to Shaw, the Space channel was airing Disney’s 1959 animated classic. Wrong. It was actually the 2014 live action version. This film is absolutely terrible, bordering on unwatchable. The effects are bad, the writing predictable. At least the acting is only mediocre. I’m not going to waste a lot of time on this film, other than to say don’t waste your time watching it.

The story begins much like the classic fairy tale. The evil fairy queen (who represents the Greek goddess Eris) is replaced by Queen Violet, who curses the king’s daughter to die by sewing. Her curse is then softened by the three good fairies. She then shows up just before the curse’s time limit to insure that it comes about. So far, the film has stayed on the rails, though it hasn’t been impressive.

A hundred years pass, and prince Charming’s stable boy (Finn “Iron Fist” Jones) finds a map to her now enchanted castle. Prince Charming is actually a sadistic asshole, and has four evil henchmen. They set of to find the sleepy kingdom’s treasure. When they arrive, they have to battle an army of undead crusaders and a very fake CGI lizard man (dragon?). They are then confronted by the evil queen, who has been alone for 100 years (what did she eat?) and yet still young and beautiful. She kills them all except for the stable boy, who turns out to be prince (Lonestar!) and you know the rest. Ugh!

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