Review of “Marvel’s Inhumans” (pilot)

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inhumansAfter watching the first episode of “Gifted”, a clone of “Heroes” set in the X-Men universe, which I really enjoyed, I was interested to see how The Inhumans, who are sort of a bargain basement X-Men with a royal family, translated to the screen, especially since the pilot was released in theaters on labour day weekend. Unfortunately, the answer is “terribly”.

The Inhumans are dull. King Blackbolt is a mute. Queen Medusa can use her hair as appendages. Spoiler: She gets a haircut. The other characters are even less interesting. The writing is awful, the acting wooden. The only talent is Iwan (Ramsey) Rheon, and he can’t bear the weight of the entire two hour pilot. The first 45 minutes are incredibly boring. The second half shows slightly more promise, but is still very poor. Frankly, I’ll be surprised if this isn’t cancelled quickly. It is the worst offering from Marvel Studios yet.

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3 Responses to Review of “Marvel’s Inhumans” (pilot)

  1. Dan O. says:

    Couldn’t finish it. No matter how hard I tried. Nice review.

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