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Great Balls of Bitumen: No More Pipelines

The CBC has an article on how Balls of bitumen, a Calgary breakthrough, could bypass pipeline problem. Since BC’s new NDP government has put the breaks on the transmountain pipeline expansion, this may be very good news for Alberta and … Continue reading

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Automation is not the Industrial Revolution

The ‘experts’ are at it again, warning that Mankind is at a ‘tipping point’ as automation and AI begins to replace us in a ‘long and painful process’. Is it time to set your hair on fire, or are they … Continue reading

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Hollywood’s Pay Gap: Why Are There So Few Female Roles?

The BBC article How Hollywood earnings can help us understand pay disparity is surprisingly insightful, but its attempts to draw an equivalence between actors and society as a whole fall flat, at least for me. One of the principal reasons … Continue reading

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Don’t Fix the Fentanyl Crisis, Just Change What We Call It

CBC has a new article of the fentanyl crisis, but this time, they’re arguing semantics: Is the fentanyl situation an overdose crisis or a poisoning crisis? Worrying about what we call the current situation, seems completely irrational. When someone drinks too … Continue reading

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Erasing the Science of Human Sexual Dimorphism

ScienceNews magazine has a review of the book “Inferior” titled How science has fed stereotypes about women. It makes some unscientific claims. Author Angela Saini recalls a man cornering her after a signing for her book Geek Nation, on science … Continue reading

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NPR Books Top 100 Science Fiction/Fantasy Books

I’ve read a lot of science fiction and fantasy. I’m going to comment on the books I’ve read on NPR Books’ fan chosen Top 100 Science-Fiction, Fantasy Books, or have at least read or seen a derivative work. See their … Continue reading

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