Review of “The Lobster”

lobster* D

The Lobster is a lot like a very bad episode of the Twilight Zone. It has a weak science fiction premise that is never explained: Adults who are unmarried are sent to a special “hotel” and given a short time to find a compatible mate, or face being surgically implanted into the animal body of their choice. The movie takes its name from the protagonist, who chooses, if he should fail to find a mate, to become a lobster.

There is a lot to dislike about this film. The premises are never explained in any way. The characters are wooden and unlikable. There are no special effects; the mysterious animal conversion process is never shown. Character motivations, partly due to the unexplained premises, are incomprehensible. And finally, there is the unsatisfying O’Henry cliff hanger ending.

Colin Farrell proves again that he can’t bear the weight of the lead. Rachel Weiss, the engaging lead actress in the 1999 remake of the Mummy, does her best to save the film in the third act but fails. There are no memorable performances in this film, and it has nothing to say about the human condition, merely bringing the nihilism of modern literature to the screen as spectacle. Don’t be fooled by its 7.1 rating on IMDB. This is one to miss.

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