Manitoba: Province of Incompetent Politicians

incompetentOn June 19, I criticized Manitoba’s finance minister for suggesting that a year and a half was insufficient time to prepare to legalize pot, and gave Prime Minister Trudeau kudos for affirming the date and suggesting that, if a province were unready to legalize by that date, July 1, 2018, still almost a year off, that the federal government would sell marijuana in that province by mail. You’d think that the laggards would get the message, but you’d be wrong, as can be seen here: Buzz kill? Brian Pallister pushes premiers to delay legalization of pot by 1 year.

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister is rallying support among his provincial and territorial counterparts to demand the federal government hit the brakes on its plan to legalize pot… He wants to delay the implementation by one year. “I think that there are too many unaddressed issues that need to be paid attention to for us to hurry into something like this, [given] the magnitude of this,” he said.

Are you incompetent, Brian, or are you lying about your agenda?

A spokesman for Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould told CBC News last week that target remains, and that people living in provinces where distributors are not yet in place by that time will have access to recreational pot by mail delivery.

Yes! Do this!

Pallister said provinces need more time to ensure proper roadside testing is in place to keep drug-impaired drivers off the roads, and to educate the public about the perils of getting behind the wheel high.

You should already have had these things in place before Trudeau promised to legalize pot a year and a half ago. People have been driving high since the seventies, and the public has been educated (and lectured to) on pot ad nauseum. If you can’t get this figured out in another year, I don’t believe you will never be able to.

“We’re also putting tremendous costs into the provinces’ hands,” he said.

Onto their backs, surely. This is the dumbest argument. Only an incompetent government could expect that selling pot would have tremendous costs. Do the Hell’s Angels lose money on it? No. It funds their other endeavors. This is why Ottawa wants to legalize it to take the HUGE PROFITS out of the hands of the criminals.

Pallister also believes there should be a standard age for legal access to cannabis across Canada, instead of the “hodgepodge” that now exists for alcohol across the country.

Then get everyone to agree not to override the federal minimum of 18. Simple.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall said his province would not object to an extension. “There’s a lot of moving parts here,” he said. He said it will be difficult to pull off standardized rules around labeling, road safety and age of access across the country in such a short period of time.

My God. How long do you need to learn how to do something a simple as labeling. Apparently Brad Wall’s government is also incompetent.

New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant said the federal government’s goals of getting marijuana out of the hands of youth and organized crime are valid, and suggested it could be a money maker for some provinces.

Finally, a provincial leader who is neither incompetent nor playing it safe, as the leaders of Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta are, saying they are “trying their best” to be ready.

The federal government has set 18 years old as the minimum age to access marijuana. Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil has said it would be beneficial to have a uniform age across the country. I believe 19 makes sense,” he said.

What’s wrong with 18? If you make the age any higher, you will simply drive sales back to the black market.

Some premiers and stakeholders say they need more time and resources to make sure police have the tools and training to deal with a potential increase in pot-impaired driving when cannabis becomes legal.

Better get off the dime and get to work. I sincerely hope that even if the premiers unanimously demand that the date of implementation be delayed, the Trudeau government tells them to stop crying and get their houses in order.

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