Review of “Solace”

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Solace is a crime drama/fantasy in which FBI agent Joe Merriwether (Jeffrey Dean “the Comedian” Morgan) is investigating a baffling serial killer with his partner Katherine Cowles (Abbie Cornish). He solicits the help of John Clancy (Anthony “Hannibal” Hopkins), a psychic he has worked with in the past. Clancy has been living in seclusion since the death of his daughter, and remains deeply disturbed by the experience.

At first, you see Clancy’s ability in flashes, reminiscent of Jonny Smith’s power in “The Dead Zone”. As the film progresses, he begins to play a game of cat and mouse with the killer, and we see that, at his best, he is able to see possible futures like Cris Johnson in “Next”. The combination of a fantastic ability with a crime drama works well, and the plot goes through many twists and turns before ending in a satisfying conclusion that leaves you guessing what will happen next.

Having revealed the premise, I won’t spoil the plot. Don’t read the description on Netflix, as they give away a main plot twist. Warning: This is not a happy film. It’s dark and disturbing in places. But if you’re looking for something halfway between Steven King and James Patterson, this one’s for you.

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