Womb Transplants and the Hypocrisy Surrounding Them

womb-transplantI’m going to comment on the article Wombs for men: Astonishing prospect as fertility doctors back operations on NHS so transgender women born as boys can have babies and the astonishing hypocrisy of women on the subject. Once again, trans women are being attacked and discriminated against.

Transgender women who were born male should be given womb transplants so that they can have children, leading NHS doctors have told The Mail on Sunday. And fertility experts say taxpayers should fund such transplants for those who identify as women, on the basis of ‘equality enshrined in law’.

But not for men wanting have a child? So men, who pay taxes, will be funding access to women who used to be men to be able to have children, but will themselves not be given equal access to this procedure? So much for ‘equality enshrined in law’.

But critics say the NHS should not waste precious resources merely to allow trans-women to pursue an ‘authentic female experience’.

Who are these transphobes?

Women’s campaigner Laura Perrins said: ‘Most taxpayers will not think this is a good use of resources. It raises profound ethical and moral issues that will have an impact on women’s rights. It will impinge on the meaning of motherhood and womanhood.’

Of course. Once again, non-trans women seek to oppress trans women. They are lead by transmisogynist in chief Julie Bindel, who states:

Those born male who are dosed with female hormones and undergo cosmetic surgery in order to present as female will never be women… This is not about transgender rights – it’s about a twisted notion as to what constitutes a ‘real woman’. This procedure suggests that you can create a woman in a test tube or through a surgeon’s knife. Let’s be clear: this is a lifestyle choice, not a health issue. And quite frankly, I’m not sure if men will make good mothers.

So, according to Bindel, trans women will never be women, having children is a mere lifestyle choice, and because they are men, trans women will not make good mothers.

Dr [Amel] Alghrani, director of Liverpool University’s Health Law & Regulation Unit and a trained barrister … says this … could lead others to demand transplants, including straight men, ‘allowing for couples to jointly share the reproductive burdens and joys of pregnancy’. And she says: ‘Homosexual couples may also wish to procreate in this fashion, while single men may opt for it to avoid surrogacy.’

And if Bindel is against trans women having children, I’m sure gay men, another persecuted minority, will fair no better. Just think of the misandry she will unleash on the poor straight man who asks for this procedure. While personally, I’m not big on state funding of this procedure here in Canada, I think anyone who can afford to pay for it should be allowed to get it, once it’s available.


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