Is Social Justice Turning on Itself?

The social justice movement seems to more and more be attacking its own, or at least those it purports to represent. I’m going to comment on three recent articles to justify this claim.

bill-c-16The first is the CBC opinion piece Banning trans women from women-only facilities punishes them for the sins of others, which discusses an women only spa that barred a trans woman from entering. With the passage of bill C-16 in Canada, this is now illegal. The author asserts:

Some observers are of the opinion that that “satisfactory resolution” should be to continue to deny access to trans women. They note that some cis women — that is, women who were assigned female at birth, who identify as female — can be triggered by the sight of male genitalia; that the presence of trans women will compromise their safe spaces.

For those unfamiliar with the jargon, “assigned female at birth” means “having no Y chromosome”. The safe spaces in question are change rooms and showers. Sorry ladies, but you will now be forced to allow genetically male women in to your public spaces, much as men were forced to allow you into historically male only spaces.

Next up, the HuffPost article On Laci Green And White Women’s Betrayal. Here, feminist YouTuber Laci Green is chastised for deigning to talk to people whose opinions differ from her own. While this is interesting, the author’s critique of white women is telling:

This sort of behavior is not uncommon for white women, even those who hold progressive political views. Over the course of history we have always chosen our race over our gender in order to advance our social standing and gain the respect of our male counterparts, even if that means leaving women of color in the dust; as long as we get ours, what happens to everyone else doesn’t matter.

The mere act of talking to someone whose opinion differs from your own makes you “racist, homophobic, and transphobic”. Welcome to the basket of deplorables.

Finally, CNN reports Redesigned pride flag recognizes LGBT people of color, in reference to a new flag that adds black and brown stripes to the top of the rainbow flag, the banner of the gay rights movement. Whether the movement will accept this is another question. According to the article:

But with the nationwide support came pushback and criticism… The “vast majority” of critics are gay white men, a sector of the LGBT community that doesn’t necessarily understand the issues that LGBT people of color might face.

Or more likely, aren’t happy that the focus of their movement is being altered without their consent.

The social justice movement continues to use legal and shaming tactics to push its agenda. In doing so, it long ago alienated the majority of men. Now, it is turning on women, particularly white women, and gay white men, groups that have historically been its allies. These are dangerous tactics that threaten to drive people away in the same way Clinton’s rhetoric helped drive voters labeled “deplorable” by her into the waiting arms of president Trump.


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