Conservative Hypocrisy on Legalizing Pot

marijuana-plantsThe CBC’s article ‘It’s not our legislation’: Charlottetown mayor says feds should help pay for pot enforcement perfectly points out the hypocrisy of the right when it comes to legalizing pot. This call for federal money goes against the conservative principle of minimal government. Ottawa is removing regulation and devolving responsibility to the provinces. This is what Conservatives always claim to want. Let’s see what the mayor has to say for himself.

“This year it’s marijuana, next year it’s another drug, next year it’s another drug, and I think it’s a sad reflection on Canada today,” said [Mayor] Lee, who doesn’t think marijuana should be legalized.

Ah, so since he doesn’t agree with their admittedly liberal social policy, he is demanding a liberal fiscal policy.

“That we have people dying on the streets of this country from drug overdoses and our reaction to the issue of drugs in our community is let’s legalize one of them, it just doesn’t make any sense, quite frankly, to me.”

This is such a ridiculous argument. No one is dying on the streets from marijuana overdoses. Also, legalizing heroin would likely prevent the 2 in 3 overdoses that are caused by unpredictable amounts of Fentanyl found in the illegal drugs.

One big concern for Lee is how municipalities will be expected to pay for extra enforcement, especially around impaired driving. From his research, Lee is estimating it could cost around $750,000 to get the Charlottetown force trained as Drug Recognition Evaluator/Experts (DRE).

But presumably, budget will be freed up as the need to enforce drug laws is decreased. After all, when there are fewer criminals, due to their market being taken, there will be less crime. Also, police surely must have some ability to detect stoned drivers, since marijuana use is already common. Don’t tell me that people don’t smoke pot in Charlottetown.

The RCMP currently has three active DREs, and confirmed the training costs approximately $15,000 for one member.

How much does this training cost per day, and how long does it take? It seems like a simple roadside process shouldn’t take more than a week to learn. So this course costs $3000 a day? Are they flying their members to Hawaii for the week?

Spokesperson Sgt Kevin Baille said currently the training isn’t offered in Canada, but if it was, that would bring the cost down.

So do that, then tell us how much it will actually cost.

Baille said RCMP on P.E.I. will be undergoing further training called Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST).

Why haven’t they already had this training?

The legislation says that everyone can grow up to four plants in their home. Lee says one concern he has is how police will enforce the number of plants individuals will be allowed to grow.

This is simple. Don’t police it. Just make sure that no one is dealing illegally, which you’re already doing, right?

“July 1st of next year is the magic date when this legislation is going to be proclaimed.”
Actually, it’s by that date. Hopefully, it will be legalized sooner.


“Working in partnership with provinces, territories, municipalities and local communities, the government of Canada will make appropriate investments to train and equip law enforcement so that Canada’s roads and highways are safe for all Canadians,” said a statement from Public Safety Canada.

So sounds like the feds will be spending on this anyway.

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