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An Ethical Rebuttal of Libertarianism?

The article “Why I left libertarianism: An ethical critique of a limited ideology” contains what the author,  Will Moyer, specifically calls an ethical rebuttal of the philosophy. I recommend reading the whole article. I’m going to examine only his rebuttal. … Continue reading

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Review of “Edge of Tomorrow” (rewatch/spoilers)

* * * * A I saw the Tom Cruise/Emily Blunt science fiction film “Edge of Tomorrow” when it was in theaters and really liked it. Rewatching it, it stood up well. I had forgotten a lot of it. Bill … Continue reading

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Marvel Sales Chart – The Last 8 Months

I generated the following graph of copies sold for Marvel’s top selling books over the last eight months. Note that months where two issues were sold, I took the average. Civil War II, their top seller, ended at the end … Continue reading

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Bill Nye’s Climate 101: Better

After watching Bill Nye’s terrible performance debating William Happer on CNN, as well as his recent endorsement of gender fluidity and other pseudo scientific ideas, I thought I’d review his video, Climate Change 101, done for National Geographic at the … Continue reading

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Paradise Lost – Chapter IV

Long and far have I wandered since last I read John Milton’s great work. I had forgotten how difficult it is. After many hours of puzzling, consulting Dartmouth’s fine annotated text, and looking up obscure words and place names with … Continue reading

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Changing a Kitchen Faucet

Our old kitchen faucet was becoming more of a sprinkler; the button that switched from stream to spray had broken. Here what it looked like: The first step in replacing a faucet is to shut off the water supply. This … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Public File Sharing

The current storm around YouTube, the dominant platform for sharing created video content, which has seen content censorship and demonetization, has parallels to what happened with public file sharing in the late 1990s and the 2000s. I’m going to briefly … Continue reading

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Review of “Split”

* * * * A M. Night Shyamalan is finally back in form with this disturbing thriller starring James “the professor” McAvoy as Barry, a disturbed man who abducts three teen aged girls and imprisons them. We soon discover that … Continue reading

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