Review of “Edge of Tomorrow” (rewatch/spoilers)

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edge-of-tomorrowI saw the Tom Cruise/Emily Blunt science fiction film “Edge of Tomorrow” when it was in theaters and really liked it. Rewatching it, it stood up well. I had forgotten a lot of it. Bill Paxton has an excellent supporting role (Master Sergeant Farrell), but the real star of the show is the writing. The plot is a cross between Independence Day and Ground Hog Day.

The aliens, known for no apparent reason as “mimics”, resemble the squid like sentinels from the matrix. Cage (Tom Cruise) kills one of their alphas by sheer dumb luck and, when it bleeds all over him before he dies, hijacks the aliens secret weapon: the ability to rewind time by a day when one of the alphas is killed. Except now, time is reset every time Tom Cruise is killed.

Rita (Emily Blunt) had the same thing happen to her in an earlier battle, only to lose the power when given a blood transfusion. They team up. As long as Tom Cruise dies every day, he can keep repeating it over and over again until he figures out how to kill the Omega, the center of the hive mind of the mimics. This is one of the best science fiction epics since the Matrix. My sole problem with it is the weak (inconsistent) ending.

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