Marvel Sales Chart – The Last 8 Months

I generated the following graph of copies sold for Marvel’s top selling books over the last eight months. Note that months where two issues were sold, I took the average.


Civil War II, their top seller, ended at the end of 2016. Since then, Amazing Spider Man has been the top seller, with Invincible Iron Man doing well at the end of last year, along with an Avengers reboot. Venom was also rebooted in November, and, unlike Avengers and Iron Man, has remained strong, as has All New Wolverine.

The overall trend of most of the books has been down, bunching around 50000 copies per issue 8 months ago, and closer to 35000 in April. Champions, whose first issue was off the charts at 328165 copies a mere 7 months ago (I actually removed that point from the chart, because when included, the rest was too hard to read), has fallen to 27734, below the dreaded 30000 mark this month.

Uncanny X-men was cancelled in March after its sales dropped to a mere 33318 issues. It has been replace with a couple of reboots whose first issues have sold well, but that the X-men, a staple of Marvel comics, fell low enough to require rebooting, shows how poorly Marvel’s core titles are doing.

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