Review of “My Hero Academia” (season 1, dub)

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My Hero Academia is an anime series set in an alternate universe where most people have “quirks”, superhuman abilities. Those with the most powerful quirks can become heroes. When Izuki, a powerless hero fanboy, unexpectedly inherits a quirk of his own, he enrolls in AU, an elite high school for superheros. He then learns that the greatest superhero, his idol All Might, has become a teacher at the school.

Izuki, Katsuki Bakugo, his childhood friend, Ochaka, a girl who befriends Izuki on his first day, Tenya, their overly serious classmate, and many more would be heroes must learn how to use their various powers under the tutelage of All Might and their teacher, Shota “Eraserhead” Aizawa. But there are villains who want to stop them, and most of all, to stop All Might.

The thing I like most about this anime is that the characters are complex. Even All Might has a weakness, as do Izuki and Ochaka. While the story is full of tropes (the hero who comes into his power late, the hot headed companion, the paramour of justice), they are wrenched into different forms, making them fresher than they might otherwise be. I’m looking forward to seeing the second season dubbed into English.

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