BC Provincial Party Platforms

bc-electionHere are the party’s positions on the issues. This is a preliminary look. Note how little overlap there is between the platforms. I’ll try to dig up more and update this:

Liberals New Democrats
Balanced Budget yes yes
LNG Development 3 plants by 2020 natural gas tax
Site C Hydro Project yes no
Fracking yes no
Kinder Morgan Expansion yes no
Corporate Tax Rate 11% 12%
Middle Class Tax Cut $1 billion ?
BC Tech Strategy $87 million ?
MSP Rate
1/2 ($120000/year) gone ($240000/year)
Personal Tax
frozen 2% increase for $150000+
Bridge Tolls reduced to $500/person eliminated
Carbon Tax
frozen ?
Eliminate Debt
eliminate by 2021 increase $7 billion/5 years
Small Business Tax Rate
2% (0.5% decrease) 2%
No PST on Electricity
yes (on affects businesses) ?
$2.2 billion + $333 million ?
Replace Massey Tunnel
yes ?
Rebuild Cariboo/Malahat
yes ?
Post Secondary Education
$2.6 billion ?
New Long Term Care Beds
500 ?
Additional Hip/Knee Ops
5500/2 years ?
Build Rental Homes
? 14400/year
Tax Credit to Renters
? $400/year
State Daycare
? $10/day
Student Loan Rate
? interest free
Student Grant
? $1000 (at completion)
Hydro Rate
? frozen
+42% (NDP claim) ?
Minimum Wage
? $15/hour
Absentee Owner Tax
? 2% ($200 million/year)
Ferry Rates
? frozen, -15% small rts.
? ?
? ?



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I'm a software developer, and a writer of both fiction and non-fiction, and I blog about movies, books, and philosophy. My interest in religious philosophy and the search for the truth inspires much of my writing.
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