My Answers to Huff Post’s 10 Questions for Conservatives

huffpostFor the record, I fall in the center of the political spectrum, and identify most closely with libertarians. Here are the Huffington Post’s 10 Questions for Conservatives and my answers to them.

1. As opponents of “big government,” why do you fervently support an unending stream of government-sponsored wars, vast government military spending, the power of local police to shoot and kill unarmed citizens, government interference with abortion rights and family planning, government restrictions on marriage, and the linkage of church and state?

Not all conservatives support war. Establishment Democrats and Republicans who take donations from the military industrial complex support war mongering. Hillary Clinton is first among them.

Police have a right to defend themselves when they are attacked. If a policeman gives someone an order and they don’t comply and the officer feels that they are under threat, they are justified in using force to protect themselves. Criminals are dangerous.

Abortion is a morally grey area. At some point, killing an infant goes from a trivial thing (using a condom) to murder. You give the government the power to prevent murder; why should they not be given the right to prevent late term abortions? This doesn’t seem a hugely unreasonable position to hold.

Most conservatives don’t oppose family planning (i.e. contraception) or the separation of church and state. I think that most Conservative who are opposed to same sex marriage do so for religious reasons, not because they are politically conservative.

Many of the benefits that the state gives to married couples are intended to support families. Reforming the system to prevent tax benefits being given to spouses in couples who don’t have children and then lowering taxes for all would be a good reform.

2. As advocates of “consumer sovereignty,” why do you oppose requiring corporations to label their products with information (for example, “contains GMOs”) that would enable consumers to make an intelligent choice of products?

I’m not against regulations that actually help. Knowing whether a product is made from genetically modified organisms probably doesn’t help me much. Knowing the list of ingredients and nutritional information is hugely important. This is one area where government regulation is beneficial, but it should still be kept to a minimum. Regulations cost money, and those costs are passed on to us.

3. As advocates of personal advancement through individual effort, why do you oppose inheritance taxes that would place the children of rich and poor on a more equal footing in their struggle for individual success?

The government has an abysmal track record of doing anything to place rich and poor on a more equal footing. If I were able to donate my estate tax free to charities, I would guess I could do at least ten times as much good as government bureaucrats would. My philosophy is to die broke. Any extra money I have in my old age, I would like to give away to my children or charity before I die to avoid giving it to the government.

4. As advocates of capitalist competition in the marketplace, why do you so consistently support the interests of giant corporations over those of small businesses?

I don’t. Allowing corporations rights under law was one of the great mistakes. Corporations are the main reason that the current establishment (Democrats and Republicans) has become corrupt. People should be allowed to be successful, but they should not be allowed to use their success to corrupt the system in their favor.

5. As advocates of the “private enterprise system,” why do you so often favor government subsidies to failing big businesses and tax breaks to thriving big businesses that you desire to lure into your state or region?

I don’t. Businesses should be allowed to fail. Subsidies should be eliminated and taxation reduced for all.

6. As advocates of freedom to choose to work for an employer (“freedom of contract”), why do you oppose employees’ right to stop working for that employer — that is, to strike — and particularly to strike against the government?

Your right to stop working is called quitting. I don’t oppose unions, only unions who are bigger than the entity they are bargaining with. The government absolutely deserves public sector unions, and together, they waste a huge percentage of our GDP. This is a great argument for reducing the size of the government and the public sector.

7. As advocates of voluntary (rather than government) action to redress grievances, why do you fervently oppose labor unions?

I don’t. I am only against big unions bullying small companies.

8. As advocates of the free movement of labor and capital, why do you support government immigration restrictions, including the construction of enormous walls, the massive policing of borders, and the building of mass incarceration centers?

As advocates of not catering to corporations, why do you support allowing them to import masses of low wage foreign workers who will undercut the local markets, hurting the poorest workers in your own country, and, as a demographic, who support increasing the size and power of the state? Also, WTF, who supports build mass incarceration centers?

9. As critics of statism, why don’t you oppose government loyalty oaths, flag drills, and pledges of allegiance?

I do.

10. As advocates of “freedom,” why are you not at the forefront of the fight against government torture, political surveillance, and censorship?

I am.

The author of this article then goes on to smear Conservatives.

Support for wars and military spending reflects a desire to dominate the world and its resources.

Corporate Democrats (like Obama and Clinton) are as guilty of this as Republicans. The establishment do not represent all conservatives. That is why Trump got elected. When he bombed Syria, the Clinton Democrats applauded him, but many conservatives in his base were against him.

Support for police shoot-to-kill policies and crackdowns on immigrants reflect hostility toward racial minorities.

Supporting the right of police to self defense is not a racist act. Neither is opposing illegal immigration. The author is crying “racist” to virtue signal to his audience.

Opposition to abortion rights and family planning reflects hostility toward women.

This statement implies that anyone opposed to late term abortions is also opposed to birth control, which is ridiculous. Opposing late term abortion does not imply hostility toward women. The author is crying “misogynist” to virtue signal to his audience.

Opposition to inheritance taxes reflects an alliance with the wealthy.

What’s wrong with the wealthy? Are you discriminating against them? That’s “wealthist”!

In short, that the real goal of conservatives is the maintenance of economic, gender, racial, and religious privilege, with no scruples about the means of maintaining it.

Wow. Nothing like smearing all conservatives. At least Hillary Clinton only called half of her opposition deplorable.

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