Book Review: “Night Mary”

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Night Mary, a graphic novel by Rick Remender and Kieron Dwyer, is a comic book about a young girl who is helping her father, who is a psychiatrist, treat disturbed patients because she has the ability to enter their dreams. The book owes a lot to the films Dreamscape and The Cell, which both exploit a similar science fiction premise. It is a mystery, as Mary’s patients begin taking their own lives.

The characters are somewhat stilted, but the plot is excellent, and the book comes to a satisfying conclusion. There are some nice twists and turns along the way. My biggest objection to the book is the authors’ decision to make the protagonist a teenager. Her somewhat unbelievable involvement in treating patients then requires making the doctor her father.

There is some teenage drama which detracts from an otherwise excellent horror story, but overall, this book was well worth reading. The art style is fresh, though disturbing in places. I found the pace good, and there were only a few slightly jarring transitions. This was a “one of” limited series, but I’d be interested in reading other works by the authors.

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