The Seven Archetypes: The Emperor

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The sixth of the seven archetypes I’m going to discuss is the second most powerful: The Emporer. Emporers combine the strength of the Knight of Swords with the caring nature of the Queen of Cups. As long as the Emperor’s need to deliver results is met, his people are golden, and can do no wrong. When there are problems, the Emperor’s dark side comes out, and punishment ensues.

I have worked for a couple of people who’s primary management style was that of the Emperor. As long as the Emperor was achieving superior results, everything was great. As soon as there were problems — even though they weren’t caused by me — my unwillingness to suck up to the Emperor led to my fall from grace. Interesting, both of the Emperor’s I worked for valued what they considered loyalty (which was actually mere agreement) over initiative.

In one case, the Emperor had a golden boy who, despite being the one who released more serious bugs to our customers than any other, could do no wrong in the Emperor’s eyes, and was promoted past the rest of us. Another thing worth mentioning is that both of the Emperors I worked for employed the tactic of the “dog house”. Failure to support them in the way they demanded earned you shit duty. If you endured it and towed the line sufficiently, you could return to the family.

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