Review of “Fifty Shades Darker”

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The sequel to “Fifty Shades of Grey” is an even worse than the weak original. There is plenty of soft core porn, little of which I found erotic or even interesting. It is wrapped in a mediocre soap opera plot with a couple of weak love triangles, the first with Anastasia’s boss, the second with Christian’s “Mrs. Robinson”, the older woman who introduced him to S&M. Though Jamie Dornan gave a fairly good performance, it couldn’t nearly compensate for the film’s many problems.

I’ve being trying to understand the attraction of the series. It seems hard to believe that so many women fantasize about being dominated and having pain inflicted on them by a sadist. I’ve come to the conclusion that some may, but more will be attracted to Christian Grey’s other characteristics. Of course he is young and handsome, but I suspect the real fantasy is being kept by a man of vast wealth. Even his controlling nature is a factor, because he is very much the alpha male, and only bends when he must to get what he wants.

Naturally the attraction of Christian’s character will be lost on men, and the milk-toast nature of Anastasia Steele, who is anything but steel, and exists merely as an everywoman who takes the place of the viewer, has little to offer. Men, stay away from this one. Women, if this kind of fantasy appeals to you, go for it, but don’t expect the man in your life to be more than mildly interested in it. And if all you’re looking for is something to improve your sex life, this film is probably not the answer.

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