Review of “I Am Not a Serial Killer”

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I was hoping for a grittier Dexter, but “I Am Not a Serial Killer” is not that. The main character fits the bill. John (Max Records) is a high school aged sociopath. When a serial killer begins terrorising their small town, John becomes obsessed with finding out who it is. His suspicions soon fall on his ageing, sickly neighbour (Christopher “Doc Brown” Lloyd). Unfortunately, I couldn’t relate to the character of John. In fact, none of the characters in this film are appealing. Then the twist revealed in the third act takes it from mildly interesting to trite, and the conclusion unsatisfying. I recommend giving this one a wide berth.

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3 Responses to Review of “I Am Not a Serial Killer”

  1. You have nailed it. Like so many supernatural horrors, this one has a strong front end but ends like a limp lettuce leaf. The basic premise of a sociopathic teenager versus a senile paranormal serial killer works until all logic is thrown overboard and we end up with a silly beast that springs forth from dark matter. Just does not cut it these days.

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