Review of “The Mechanic” (2011)

mechanic* D

This film almost reached two stars. Jason Statham plays the titular character, Arthur, an assassin who is tasked with killing his mentor (well played by Donald Sutherland). Possibly to atone for this, he takes on his mentor’s son Steve (Ben Foster, Angel in X-Men Last Stand) as his apprentice. He discovers that his boss (Tony Goldwyn, the bad guy in 6th Day) lied about the need to kill his mentor, and has decided to kill Arthur off due to his apprentice’s mistakes. All hell breaks loose.

There are some decent action sequences, but little else to recommend watching this film. The only women in it are throw away sex partners. The plot is predictable. Naturally, Steve finds out that Arthur killed his father. At least the ending redeems the stale story telling somewhat. Bad Charles Bronson pictures are probably best left forgotten, not remade. This remake did well enough to earn a sequel, which is in theater’s now. I’m not planning to see it.

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