My Answers to Buzzfeed’s How Much of a Feminist are You?

I am an egalitarian, which I consider roughly equivalent to a first wave feminist. I’m not exactly sure what Buzzfeed means by the word feminist, but I thought I’d write down my answers to their quiz, and see what claims they made based on them.

Check all that apply. [A yes in my answer indicates a check, no the lack of one.]
  1. I would be willing to give up some of my salary if I had to, so that equal pay in my workplace could be a reality.
    > yes, hypothetically, though I don’t really see how I would do that. Would I be giving up time to go and testify about my salary in a court case taking my company to task for unequal pay? Since the companies I work for are generally progressive (Salesforce, for example, did a study and found they were underpaying a small percentage of their people, but that the same number of men as women were being underpaid), this seems unlikely. If I found out the company I was working in was being unfair, I might well look for another job, and possibly take a pay cut to work for someone fair.

  2. I believe that men and women should be equal.
    > yes, assuming this means “be given equal opportunities”.

  3. I can’t help but be bothered when a song includes misogynistic lyrics, even when I otherwise like the song.
    > yes. Lyrics are important to me. Unless such a song is making a point about misogyny (e.g. Pearl Jam’s “Better Man”), I’m not too keen to hear it.

  4. I know who Bell Hooks is.
    > no.

  5. I can define intersectional feminism.
    > yes, I think I can. It is feminism intersected with anti-racism and other movements in opposition to other forms of oppression. 

  6. I don’t use the phrase “hey guys” when referring to a group of people that includes men and women.
    > no, I do. Guys is pretty gender neutral, IMO. I know not everyone would agree.

  7. I have taken a women’s and/or gender studies class.
    > no. I took STEM. For my 3 credits of required arts, I took Literature, which sucked.

  8. I think it’s important to encourage girls to pursue science and math as a career.
    > yes, if it’s what they want to do.

  9. Women should be allowed to apply for a job if they fulfill 60% of the job requirements.
    > yes. Anyone can apply. That doesn’t mean they will be selected for screening or more in depth interviewing. That is up to the employer.

  10.  I think we should change women’s bathroom symbols to not include traditionally “feminine” clothing (skirts, dresses, etc).
    > no. I think it would confuse people. They are dumb symbols, but most people know them.

  11.  I believe trans people should be able to use whichever bathroom they identify with.
    > yes. I think being trans is hard enough without being harassed in the bathroom.

  12. I believe it’s important to encourage women to negotiate.
    > yes. Everyone should negotiate.

  13. I believe Jennifer Lawrence should earn as much as her male costars.
    > no. I think she should earn according to the role. That means for hunger games, she should get more. For X-men, I’d say she should get the same as McAvoy and Fassbender. In a film she had a more minor role (can’t think of one), she should get less. But it is up to the studio and Lawrence to negotiate, so what I think doesn’t matter.

  14.  I do not think a movie should be released unless it passes the Bechdel test.
    > no. I think Citizen Kane should have been allowed to be released.

  15. I believe all genders are entitled to the same social and political rights.
    > yes, assuming “social and political rights means “human rights”.

  16. I can explain why “78 cents to the dollar” is not a fully accurate description of the gender wage gap.
    > yes. The gender wage gap is a disparity in outcomes on average, due in large part to different choices made on average by men and women.

  17. I believe that women who possess certain types of privilege are responsible for advocating for women who don’t have their level of privilege.
    > no. No one is responsible for doing good unless they have made the commitment to do so. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t do so, of course.

  18. If I had a daughter, I would encourage her to be anything she wanted to be.
    > yes. I have two daughters, and I encourage them to figure out what they love to do and to do it.

  19. I would make it clear to my daughter from an early age that her identity should never be defined by her relationship status.
    > yes, assuming the question means “solely defined”. We all take on our roles as part of our identities. Part of who I am is a husband. But being a husband doesn’t define me. It’s one of many contributing factors.

  20. I believe it’s important to compliment a woman’s intelligence over her looks.
    > yes. Intelligence is more important than appearance.

  21. I believe that a woman has the right to choose what happens to her body.
    > yes. We all own our own bodies.

  22. In an instance of sexual assault against a female, I am inclined to believe the assaulted person is telling the truth until proven otherwise.
    > yes. Anyone (man or woman) bringing an allegation of sexual assault should be treated seriously.

  23. I can explain Marlene Dietrich’s influence on women’s fashion.
    > no.

  24. I know what a “Bad Feminist” is.
    > no. I would say there are feminists who are incorrect about some things, and some feminists who do things that I consider immoral, like advocating hatred toward men, but I’m not sure what is meant by “bad feminist”.
  25. I believe that women should be able to dress however they want without it dictating how they are treated by society.
    > no. I would say that there are certain taboos that should be respected. I’m pretty liberal, but I don’t think the world is ready for open nudism yet.

  26. I have never said that a woman “asked for it.”
    > no. I don’t really understand what this question is about.

  27. I am offended by catcalling.
    > no. I think people who catcall are idiots, but it doesn’t offend me.

  28. I don’t think women should get VIP treatment at nightclubs and bars, just for being women.
    > yes. But I do understand why the nightclubs do this.

  29.  I think police brutality and its correlation with race is a feminist issue.
    > yes, assuming you define feminism as third wave feminism, which I think most people do.

  30. I think we should stop promoting models as the ideal female body type.
    > yes. Most models are laughably scrawny. The ideal body type is more athletic.

  31. I think we should stop photoshopping women’s bodies in the media.
    > yes. There is a place for exaggeration in art, but not so much in advertizing.

  32. I have never called a woman bossy.
    > no. Not that I recall, anyway.

  33. I think companies should offer more child-friendly time and programs to women who are having children.
    > yes. I think that helping parents (both men and women) as much as possible is a good thing.

  34. I believe that a woman should be offered the same opportunities for promotion as her male co-workers.
    > yes. I believe in equality of opportunity.

  35. I believe that if a woman wants to pay on a date, her date should let her.
    > yes

  36. I believe that women should have easy access to birth control.
    > yes

  37.  I believe that in a relationship the domestic duties should be shared.
    > yes. I do the cooking, Ann does the laundry. 

  38. I think that a couple should have equal responsibility over the aesthetic and cleanliness of their home.
    > no. I don’t care much about aesthetics. I think whoever cares about them most needs to own them, and enlist help in realizing their vision for them. I care about cleanliness where it is health affecting. To me, tidiness is aesthetic.

  39. I believe that men should be encouraged to be involved and make choices in the wedding planning process.
    > yes. Whether said encouragement will work
    is perhaps another question.

  40. I believe that men and women have the same emotional strength.
    > no.

  41. I do not think that it is the responsibility of a man to protect a woman physically.
    > yes. Everyone should protect the vulnerable, but it is not a responsibility. I am responsible for my children, but not for yours.

  42. I believe that men and women should be equally encouraged to express their emotions.
    > yes. Suppressed emotions cause damage to the psyche.

  43. I have never asked a woman why she does not have children.
    > yes. Not that I recall. 

  44. I would be equally excited to have a son or a daughter.
    > yes. Didn’t care at all.

  45. I think American workplace culture is often not structured in a way that is helpful or encouraging to women succeeding.
    > no. Most companies I’ve been involved with have been very supportive of women.

  46. I think women have a responsibility to help and encourage other women to pursue their goals.
    > no. I think they should, but they are not responsible for doing so.

  47. I think women are equally capable to men to be the President of the United States.
    > yes.

  48. I believe that women have no responsibility to make a conscious effort to always be friendly and polite.
    > yes. I think everyone should, but they are not responsible for doing so.

  49. I have never criticized a woman for not wearing makeup or wearing too much makeup.
    > no. I’ve criticized a woman for wearing too much makeup.

  50. I believe a woman is a woman if that is what she calls herself, regardless of her physical attributes and makeup.
    > yes. I believe there are genetic males who are women in every other way that matters. There are doubtless some who misidentify as women, but I think the stigmatic barrier of “coming out trans” is so high, that it’s likely a small percentage.


According to Buzzfeed, I’m “super in-tune with what’s going on in the world–especially when it comes to feminist issues” and should “keep doing you and stay woke”.



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