What’s in the 28 Pages?

28-pagesI’ve read the 28 Pages from the report on 9/11 that were, until now, kept secret. I will let you draw your own conclusions. Here is my synopsis:

  • Omar al-Bayoumi, a suspected Saudi agent:
    • was a former accountant at the Saudi civil aviation administration.
    • was in frequent contact with the Saudi ministry of defense.
    • received $20000 from the Saudi ministry of finance.
    • received a full scholarship in the US from the Saudi goverment.
    • advocated for jihad in letters to Saudi youths in the US.
    • was paid by the Saudi ministry of defense via the company Erean, which was associated with al-Qa’ida.
    • was in frequent contact with eight different Saudi government employees
    • allowed two of the hijackers to live with him for several days
    • cosigned the lease on their apartment
    • arranged for another to get them driver’s licenses and locate flight schools
  • Osama Bassnan, an alleged Saudi agent:
    • was employed by the Saudi Arabian education mission.
    • received $15000 directly from the Saudi ambassador, a member of the royal family.
    • was married to a woman who was paid $2000/month directly by the ambassador.
    • may have been given a false passport by the Saudi government.
    • was a supporter of Bin Laden and jihadist organizations.
    • was in close contact with al-Bayoumi.
    • was in direct contact with two of the hijackers while they were in the US
  • there may have been a third accomplice who was a Saudi diplomat.
  • several officers in the Saudi navy were in contact with the hijackers.
  • one of the hijackers had the phone number of a Saudi embassy bodyguard.
  • a probable dry-run of the attack was carried out by two men who:
    • claimed their plane tickets were bought by the Saudi embassy
    • were on their way to a party at the Saudi embassy

Five other Saudi’s with non 9/11 terrorist connections are named. The 28 pages describe many more connections between the Saudi government and terrorists, including Al-Qa’ida, that do not have direct links to 9/11. A document (it’s title redacted) is quoted that claims “incontrovertible” evidence of Saudi government support of terrorists.

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