Review of “Star Wars: Dark Force Rising” (fan edit)

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dark-force-risingThere are many fan edits of the final Star Wars prequel, “The Revenge of the Sith”. One of the best, and a worthy companion to “The Phantom Edit” and “Attack of the Phantom“, which I’ve previously reviewed, is “Dark Force Rising” (edited by Kerr). In this edit, the original 133 minute running length is reduced to just 88 minutes (and that’s with the inclusion of some deleted footage).

If you liked the scene where Yoda and Palpatine leap around in the Senate, you won’t find it here. The entire film has been refined into one goal: turning Anakin into Vader. The result is far more believable than original, and strips out a lot of extraneous stuff. The complete list of the changes made can be found on

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