The Truth About Planet Nine

planet-nineThere are a ton of BS videos on about planet X, most of them with little basis in reality. Interestingly, there is good evidence for a real planet Nine. The PBS video Planet X Discovered? does good job of laying out the case for the ninth planet.

Here’s a synopsis:

  1. Scientists at Caltech used computer simulations to try to explain the vastly perturbed orbits of many of the dwarf planets orbiting the sun.
  2. The best explanation for them is that there is a massive planet the size of Neptune, orbiting the sun at an average of 700 times the average distance of the earth from the sun.
  3. This hypothetical Planet Nine has not been seen yet.
  4. The chance of the dwarf planets orbits being the way they are without the hypothetical Planet Nine is 0.007, less than 1 in 140.

Here’s an article direct from Caltech: Caltech Researchers Find Evidence of a Real Ninth Planet. The article contains a link to a scientific paper (which is behind a pay wall), as well as a few details not covered by PBS:

  1. If the Kupier belt (the so called “cometary halo”, which contains many dwarf planets like Pluto) was itself the source of the perturbed orbits, it would have to be about 100 times more massive that it is currently believed to be.
  2. The Planet Nine hypothesis explains Neptune’s lack of influence on Sedna (a dwarf planet like Pluto)
  3. The Planet Nine hypothesis explains the existence of dwarf planets whose orbits lie perpendicular to the ecliptic (the plane in which the orbits of the eight known planets lie).
  4. If Planet Nine is at its aphelion (the furthest point in its orbit from the sun), only the most powerful earth based telescopes will be able to see it, due to its vast distance from the sun.

How does this relate to the Planet X conspiracy?

  1. Planet Nine is not approaching the earth. It’s very far away.
  2. Planet Nine’s gravity has negligible influence on the earth. It’s very far away.
  3. It is possible that Planet Nine could perturb the orbit of a smaller object in the Kupier belt, sending that object earthward.
  4. Hence, finding Planet Nine is important, and astronomers are busy trying to do just that.

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